Cholo HTML template

An Online Holiday and Multipurpose Booking Platform HTML Template
If you are thinking about a beautiful, latest, trendy, multipurpose, or travel-based HTML Template then this is the one. This Template includes 13 layouts and 5 coming soon layouts with different features and options. This template is super customizable, perfectly organized, and includes all the necessary user interface elements.
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Ripple.js for water effects, Swiper.js mobile touch slider, TweenMax & DrawSVG for interactive SVG line animation, Mosaic.js, PBcalendar as general calendar, ResCalendar for price Calendar

Exceptional Features
  • Built with HTML5 and SASS (compiled CSS)
  • Fully Responsive, Easy to customize, and Clean code structure
  • Compatible with the most popular browsers
  • Most elegant and beautiful design-build
  • SVG icons and logo (animated)
  • Multiple nav menus (hamburger and full-width static menu)
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