An eCommerce platform for design & customize your apparels
INK is a product of Black Sheep Cycling who provides sports garments for the Olympics. It’s a custom apparel company based in Alabama, USA. We designed and built a WordPress site with a WooCommerce store for them, and integrated a premium Kit Builder plugin with it to help them give their customers options of customizing Apparel on the go.
Their eCommerce website design has revolutionized the custom apparel business.
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Exceptional Features
INK collaborated with us to explain the scopes and limitations, suggest layouts, and provide support until the website went live. For them Wordpress Studio has created:
  • Interfaces where users can customize the shape, size, colors, logos, variations, and fit of the apparel online.
  • Creating the best UI customizing woocommerce where customers can make their outfits in just 60 seconds.
  • Custom eCommerce feature to give an order for a team or an individual.
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