Twenty Twenty-One is the default WordPress theme for the year 2021. The theme has numerous design features. Users can personalize their content using blocks and blocks pattern. The new block pattern allows users to create a beautiful layout within seconds. The theme is best suitable for portfolio websites, personal websites, or blog-type websites. Multiple design options are available which are mobile-friendly. The theme also comes with several new block and theme features such as default block styles, dark editor styles, post formats, color palettes, HTML5 tags, and much more.  
The theme comes with a stunning color palette in soft shades of pastels. Pastels are very popular at this moment giving your website a refined appearance. The users can also customize the theme and can use any color combination they want. The color palettes are in compliance with AAA standards. The users can choose their own background color for the theme and the theme will automatically choose contrasting text colors for you. Also if the user wants to choose their own color palette for the text and the background then they can easily do that from the color picker as well.

Let’s check out some more features below:

Dark Mode Option:
This is the first WordPress theme that has introduced the concept of Dark Mode Support opt-in. By enabling the dark mode option the site viewers can switch it on/off as per their requirements and regardless of their browser’s settings. This is also an important step as it will help the users who find it difficult in reading the texts in light backgrounds.

Block Patterns in this Theme:
Block patterns were introduced with WordPress 5.5 version and with this theme, we are seeing an entire set of block patterns. Users can fully explore the design possibilities with these patterns. The first WordPress theme which has come with several stunning premade block patterns. You can now overlap one block into another while designing the websites for creating unique content.

Styling and CSS Custom Properties Improved:
The twenty twenty-one theme uses a modified version of the Seedlet theme as its base. The Seedlet theme was completely developed on the CSS custom properties. CSS custom properties are entities that consist of specific values that can be used throughout the stylesheets. The twenty twenty-one theme will also give users access to a thorough system of nested CSS variables.

Navigation Menu:
Menus are such an important part of a website. The twenty twenty-one theme comes with two menu locations one is the Primary Navigation that is located in the header’s top right corner and the other one is the Footer Navigation. The Footer Navigation is mainly used as a social menu. When the users add links to their social media accounts in the footer part, the links are automatically converted to social media icons. 

Full Advantage of Gutenburg:
Twenty Twenty One theme also comes with the usage of Gutenburg like every other theme does. This is mainly used to provide a basic canvas that the users can customize their needs using block editor. The theme also comes with a number of block patterns. A block pattern is a predefined layout that consists of several elements.

Better Video Caption:
The users can now add subtitles or captions to their videos and can upload them within the post or page. It makes it easier to make the videos accessible for anyone who wants to use subtitles.

Let’s wrap up with the basic features of the theme:
1) Fast and simple theme
2) The theme can be used for creating different types of websites
3) Comes with limited color palettes
4) Unique patterns are designed
5) Anyone can make their website on their own using this theme
6) Very easy to customize or to create a child theme

The new Twenty Twenty-One theme allows people to build their websites without having the knowledge of advanced technical skills. It is a great theme that also fits a wide range of used cases. Each one of us has a different taste when it comes to the matter of design, usability, etc of a theme. I personally believe that this Twenty Twenty One theme is very much flexible and is the best choice for everyone for exploring themselves with block patterns.