The run-up to Christmas can be one of the most exciting, stressful, joyous times of the year. It’s also an important time for the Christmas business rush. Many companies see a spike in sales at Christmas and New Year time with customers buying gifts, foods, etc. This year when the world is facing this pandemic situation, people are forced to stay at home and celebrate with their loved ones. At this time the demand for online purchases will rapidly increase so your site must be ready to take all of these visitors.

Make sure your Christmas business period is as ready as possible. Let us move forward and discuss some points one should check or do on their website.

1) Xmas mood:

Christmas is a very special time for most people. The magical atmosphere spreads around streets, offices, shopping centers. Online stores can also get benefit during this festival time. You can add subtle decorations if they suit your website. A classy look can be a plus point. You can create Christmas-themed landing pages for visitors directing them to gift ideas. One must research their competitors and level up to them so that they won’t stand out from the crowd.

2) Update your online store:

It’s the time when you should stop ignoring the necessity to move to responsive design for your online store. Choosing responsive web pages can improve the reachability and scale of your website as nowadays more people go through mobile for their purchases instead of attending desktop-based eCommerce.

3) Trendy UI:

You can optimize your eCommerce store for the festival season by decreasing the number of steps to the checkout processes. It will lessen the bounce rate and will increase sales as users can make hassle-free purchases.

4) Offer gift wrapping services:

If your customers are purchasing gifts for their loved ones from your store it might be worth offering a gift-wrapping service. This will allow your customers to directly send gifts from your store to their recipients.

5) Extend your return and exchange policy:

The festival season is the best for offering an extended return and exchange policy. For example, if you usually accept a return within one week or two weeks, now is the time when you can extend this to one month. Another option can be a 30-day money-back guarantee. As with any strategy of course you also need to consider how these offers will impact your target sales, your inventory, and your order and delivery processes.

6) Offer free shipping:

Did you know that 36% of customers will decide not to buy from you if the delivery fees are too high? Free shipping has a lot of benefits even though it might cost you more upfront. But during the holidays or festive seasons, free shipping can be a deciding factor in a competitive marketplace. The reason is that free shipping is hard for customers to resist. Offering free shipping during this period can boost sales in a big way.

7) Plan email marketing campaign:

A festival or holiday email marketing campaign is a must. This is a perfect time to remind your customers that they can purchase their Christmas presents from you. You can also send them personalized product ideas and special offers.

Special promo codes, discounts on special products, free shipping can also be offered to those customers who typically open your email offers. Another good idea can be to send a reminder email to people who have abandoned their carts.

8) Check your website is working perfectly:

Since a huge amount of traffic is expected to your website, it is not a perfect time to introduce new features or functionalities to your website. One point to that you must remember that your customers have become used to your site’s interface so any major changes or modifications will simply confuse them and they can turn towards your competitors.

You must make sure that your website can manage higher traffic than usual day traffic.

It’s almost 7 days left for the Christmas celebration. If you don’t make every single one of those days count, you will be missing out on sales.

We wish you the very best of luck in the coming festive season and of course a very Merry Christmas!!