The craziness of online shopping has been increasing for years. People now feel more comfortable sitting at their homes, browsing them on their cell phones or laptops, and ordering them with no tension of the delivery. Many large companies are now available to provide these facilities worldwide.  Shipping is an important part of the online shopping procedure where the customers get a date range of when their products will be delivered to their doorstep. If you have paid online sit back and relax your parcel will arrive on the mentioned date and time. In case you have opted for the cash on the delivery option you need to pay the delivery agent at the time of collecting your parcel.

But sometimes online shipping becomes complicated if you have purchased any heavy products. It becomes a challenge for the agency to deliver your heavy products safely to your doorstep. Shipping providers are trying their best for your business by providing attractive services that will meet the expectations for fast and minimal cost delivery. A lot of the services focus on the most profitable segments.

Every online store sells a different variety of products with some standard sizes, weights but there are also some products that don’t fit into the requirements. In this situation what will the owners do? Should they stop placing these heavy items in their store for purchase? Or they should choose a better shipping provider who is ready to take these products and ship them safely at the door of your customers? You need to have a shipping plan that will allow your customers to get quotes for the shipping costs for every size and weight of products.

Heavy products having more weight can face restrictions from the shipping provider’s side. There are certain weight limits that are applied to keep things simple for the delivery providers. Heavy products will take more space compared to their weight as well as their costing becomes more.

You need to have a plan for all of your products whether they are less weighted or bulky. What points do you need to consider? One of the most important things is shipping quotes and the other one is order processing once it’s received. When you are searching for third-party shipping providers you must check the level of integrations that will be provided for Woocommerce. Shipping providers may provide you with custom rates. It will help you to understand what you will be going to charge but still, you need to set up the Woocommerce so that you can be able to provide real-time shipping quotes. There are also some shipping providers who provide real-time quotes depending upon the weight and dimension of the products present in the cart.

You also need to create a shipping class. It is just to assign some specific products in groups that you want to set similar shipping options for. Once you have the classes set up you can use the shipping plugins for setting up rules for the classes. Handling several products at the same time can be managed easily.

You can also use shipping provider plugins that will automatically calculate the shipping rates for the products that have dimensions and weight recorded. You can use them to combine rates for standard-size products along with the larger products by setting larger products with weight, no size. You can use the shipping plugin for setting up rates for the shipping classes you want to use. You may need to have some custom Javascript rules written for your store for managing this type of integration.