Who doesn’t want to have tasty foods? Almost every one of us has cravings every week and many of them have a daily addiction to having food while visiting the restaurants. But the year 2020 has taught us a great lesson. The pandemic has taught us a great lesson and everyone’s life has been changed to date. We were forced to stay at home to save us and our family members from this deadly Covid.

Almost each and every occasion we used to celebrate visiting malls, restaurants all got a full break. No festivals were celebrated and also the fear was so much that the people were not able to order anything such as their favorite foods etc. The restaurant is being considered as the most important business in every part of the world. Every restaurant used to gather more than a thousand visitors per day but it was before the pandemic. During the year 2020, the world faced a complete lockdown that affected this business. The restaurant owners were also tense about how they will be able to manage their business. They were suffering a huge loss in their business.

The situation remained the same till some relaxing offered from the government side. The restaurants were allowed to open but still, the number of visitors was almost nill. So the restaurant owners came up with the idea of delivering the foods safely to the people via online mode. It was known that many people are using apps such as Zomato, Swiggy, etc for ordering food. So many restaurant owners who were not having their personal websites registered themselves via these apps. While those having their own personal restaurant websites started taking orders directly from the customers.

We don’t know when this pandemic will go and we will continue to live a normal life. Let us check out some features that a restaurant website must have :

1) Image Reflecting your Brand:
The website is the first impression a guest will have about your restaurant. The designs should be creative as per the latest trends. The website gives control over the image of your restaurant. Your website is a platform to convey the message to the customers and tell them their stories. High-quality images will play a vital role in attracting new customers. Professional food photography will help in driving more sales.

2) Promotional Videos:
Watching videos is more comfortable than reading text with images. Video also stands out in explaining your business in a more entertaining way. Videos can include a showcase of the best recipe of your restaurant, client testimonials, or telling the history of the restaurant. Implementing videos to the website can be a bit costlier but it will definitely help you boost your business.

3) Online Reservations:
It’s easier to book a table online through their website before planning a treat or surprising your friends and families. Online reservations are easy-to-implement features that will make you stand out from the competition. If they can book right away with just a click then there will be no options for users to search for other restaurant options. This in turn will result in high demand for your restaurant.

4) Website Reviews:
It’s always easy to choose a good restaurant but if your restaurant serves high-end experiences then trust needs to be built at each step of your customer’s experiences. Most of the people will search for the reviews of your foods and staff, the ambiance, etc. Adding a testimonial section will help you a lot. You can add this to your homepage where the customers can easily check it out. You should use testimonials and reviews to have the other people sell the benefits of your restaurants.

5) Menu Section:
Before planning to go to a particular restaurant, people always want to know the reasons for selecting your restaurant by looking at the specialties that you are offering. What are the special food items that may attract them? Even though online mode, it will become easy for them to review their options. So you must work on making your menus attractive using high-quality images with a detailed description of the food items along with their prices.

5) Safety Precautions at your Restaurant:
At the time of Covid, everyone is worried about whether they should go out for lunch or dinner at your spot or not. The first thing that comes to our mind about the safety measures. Questions such as Whether the social distance is maintained or not? Are the restaurants being sanitized regularly? Are the foods being prepared with hygiene? Your website gives you a chance to communicate with your customers. You need to convey the safety measures that are taken by your restaurant to your potential customers.

We don’t know when we will be freed up completely from this pandemic. During these tough times running a restaurant business is really tough. One and the only solution is to take online orders from your customers and deliver hygienic food with proper care. This will help you in gaining many customers and also in getting more reviews. Designing and developing a restaurant website is not difficult these days. Many platforms are available and they are easily manageable. The restaurant owners can edit and manage the contents and images on their own. I hope this article will help both the owners who want to develop a new website and the owners who are having their website but want to update their website adding more features.