A website homepage is the most important part of any business as it is the first place where the visitors will first land on your website. The visitors will spend more time on your website if they find something interesting, catchy stuff on your website homepage. If your homepage is not appealing or easy to navigate then there are high chances that nobody will like to visit your website. Well in this blog we have come up with some ideas that will help you to implement them on your website so that it catches your visitor’s attention.

1) It must have clear navigation. The navigation menu is the most important part of your website. If your navigation has lots of buttons and they link into the same thing then it will create confusion. The navigation must be straightforward and must help the users to visit the page they want to see. The navigation should also reflect what your business is promoting and also the most visited pages by the people. The content should stand out from your competitors and should be easily accessible.

2) A perfect homepage must have one or two call-to-action buttons or CTA’s. A call to action button helps the users go exactly where they want. It also helps the users to have a look at your site deeper with ease. The CTA should also have a clear action so that the visitors feel that they have invested their time well spent on your website.

3) A brand logo is a must for your website as it is a direct representation of your brand, product, and services. This is the main reason why everyone places their logo at the top. This will allow you to form a bonding with your customers. Also, a logo also represents a direct link to your homepage. So everyone must place it on their header for convenience.

4) People are more attracted to visuals nowadays. Pictures speak more than words. It also explains how the users will get benefit from your product and services. Our brain analyzes the concept more clearly seeing the visuals.  Visuals add credibility to the website and give it a unique appeal.

5) Links to social media have become a standard nowadays. The more you are socially active the more you are in the eyes of the visitors. Almost everyone is using different social media accounts so you need to update about your products and services even on social media accounts. Mainly the social media links are placed at the footer of the homepage.

6) Physical location must be shared as it’s the most beneficial for your business. The location info is mainly present on the contact us page and at the footer of every page along with the homepage.

7)  There must be something on your website that will show you must understand the visitor and the challenges they face. You need to make a promise that will help them in solving the problems.

8) The number of people are researching the companies using their mobile devices and yearly this trend is increasing. Google is also charging many websites that aren’t mobile-optimized as they are providing a bad user experience. Mobile optimization is a must for avoiding frustrated potential customers and losing rank in the search engines.

9) Reviews are an important part of your homepage. In fact, every company is having their client’s review on their homepage. If you can show that other people loved your products and services it will help you in gaining more new customers as they will have faith in your services and products.

10) Different businesses have different clients and audiences that they serve. It should be made easy for them to know which path they want to take to get the specific answers they are searching for.