People are always wrecking over their heads to come up with a design that is second to none.

-> Divi. Yes, it’s Divi. When theme development comes to mind, we’ve to take into account the feel, the structure, the color schema, and so on. The theme should be appealing and shouldn’t let users turn their eyes away with its charm. Isn’t it?

That is what happens with Divi all the time. Divi users are always happy about getting in touch with the Divi forum. They get help in no time when they post in the Elegant theme forum. For your information, Divi is a part of the Elegant Theme. The elegant theme has an ample number of themes and plugins, and Divi is the most beautiful theme they have ever presented. It’s very flexible and handy to use. The secret behind the Divi theme is the Divi builder. Yes, this builder has many modules that you can use and customize. I think all of your requirements can be fulfilled with the builder. You can even adorn your blog and shop page with the builder. The builder provides shop and blog modules separately. So, you needn’t think of the blog page or shop page’s design.

Now let’s get to the point of Builder in-built css property. There are uncountable builder plugins in the market, and they are also providing the same components with their builder. So, what makes this builder different? You can change a small part just with a single click. Most of the designing-objectives will be fulfilled with the builder option, without the need to use even a single line of css. That is just a fundamental advantage of the builder.

Now something about Divi theme options and Divi Theme customizer ->

You can control things like your logo, navigation settings, layout, SEO and much more. These options can be accessed in the WordPress Dashboard menu under Divi > Theme option

Header & Navigation settings under the Theme Customizer. You will enjoy the animation effect of fixed navigation settings, and again there’s no need to use css to have this spunky effect, you only need a click of your mouse.