We all know that the new version of WordPress has already been released in the month of March 2021 which is being considered as the first release of this year by WordPress. The version is also known as “Esperanza” which is a Spanish feminine meaning hope or expectations. We will be getting more updates for the block editor, a new default color palette, etc. This version of WordPress is more stable. The release mainly focuses on the improvements and enhancements to the core editor. The new drag and drop capabilities are one of the major highlights in the block inserter.

Let’s talk about the server requirements :
For running WordPress 5.7 “ Esperanza” the users must have
1) Apache or Nginx installed in their system
2) PHP version must be 7.4 or higher
3) For database one must have MYSQL version 5.6 or Maria DB version 10.1 or higher

So these are the basic requirements for one to run WordPress version 5.7 in their system.

Features and Enhancements:
As talked earlier too the new version of WordPress comes with a variety of new features and enhancements. I am enlisting down some of the main stunning features of this version below:

  1. One-Click Migration from HTTP to HTTP’s
  2. Easily Usable Editor
  3. Lazy Loading iFrame
  4. Block Filtering Feature
  5. Updated Robots API
  6. Easily Password Setup 
  7. Simple and Default Color Palette

Let us discuss each and every feature in more detail.

1) One-click Migration from HTTP to HTTP’s:
We all know how difficult the task was to transfer the HTTP website to HTTP’s website earlier. But now the version WordPress 5.7 release has made it so easy for the users to update their HTTP website to HTTP’s website. The database URL will now automatically get updated by WordPress when they will make the switch. You can find this option on the Site Health Recommendations Page.

2) Easily Usable Editor:
WordPress 5.7 offers the users to make the following changes to the editor
Font Size Adjustments
Reusable Blocks
Drag and Drop Pattern

3) Lazy Loading iFrame:
The version automatically adds a lazy load in embedded iframes. What does Lazy Loading exactly mean? Lazy Loading is a technique that is used for improving the website speed during the loading of pages without any hangups. The lazy loading was already released with WordPress 5.5 version but that was used only for images. But now with version 5.7, the lazy loading can be applied to all other stuff such as Maps, Youtube videos, etc the ones which are generally wrapped in iframes.

4) Block Filtering Feature:
A much-needed feature. The updated 5.7 version allows the user to connect the feature with a particular category of the block. The feature has helped a lot in minimizing the usage of code that was extremely important to filter a particular block category. You can check the block icons and descriptions in the block inspector. The block inspector also will have a dropdown where users can easily switch between the block variations.

5) Updated Robot API:
The new version of WordPress introduces a new filter-based Robots API which gives the user better control over the Robot meta tags for each page and post on the website through code. The filter will allow the developers to set their custom directives to the robot’s meta tags. The tag will automatically be hidden for websites that are not public yet. This tag is placed at the head of the page.

6) Easily Password Setup:
The new feature introduced in this version of WordPress allows the site admins to reset the password links by email to the registered users. The feature is very useful at the time when the user is not able to rest the password link for any reason. The site admins can send a reset password link through email from different locations. Apart from this, a new password reset option is also available on each user’s profile page.

7) Simple and Default Color Palette:
WordPress 5.7 comes with a standardized color palette which consists of 7 core colors and 50+ shades. All color codes used in the existing CSS are associated with the new palette. There is now a better color palette that will create better contrast in the backend. The developer can now pick a color from this standardized palette.

There are many more features you can find about this new version of WordPress. If you have already installed WordPress on your site then you can see an update option in your Dashboard. By clicking on that you can automatically download this version and can enjoy all the latest features. The new features in WordPress 5.7 provide a better user experience and help developers in building more advanced blocks and adds powerful customization in the block editor.